No Kindle Paperwhite Sale on Cyber Monday

Amazon has launched the page for Kindle Paperwhite. But this e-reader of Amazon is not in the list of big sales for Cyber Monday. Like the words on that page, it’s titled with Christmas and it’s expected to ship on December 21st.

Well, if you are ready to order one Kindle Paperwhite for Christmas, you may want to know the major features of this device: the most advanced e-reader in the world, higher resolution, higher contrast touchscreen with built-in light and 8-week battery life.

Why Kindle Paperwhite doesn’t participate in the promotion for Cyber Monday? Well, that’s obvious. Amazon is already selling their top of the line e-Reader for little enough that they basically don’t get profits from it.

But the prospect of Kindle Paperwhite is not optimistic, even Amazon is banking on the idea that anybody who buys the device is going to read more books and purchase more content through the Kindle Store than anybody who doesn’t.

Kindle Paperwhite starts from $119 with special offers ($139 without special offers). I don’t know how many people still want this e-reader since there are so many similar products like iPad mini in the market.

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